Safety - a basic physiological principle


Thank you for your interest in information about the function of our vagus nerve system! We are happy to invite you to get to know the work of the Polyvagal-Institute-EU!

On these pages we would like to give you an understanding of our autonomic physiology based on the scientific findings of Prof. Dr. Stephen Porges: the polyvagal theory. Therapy, research and education appear in a new light and can be thought about and understood differently on this basis. 

Research on Polyvagal Theory

The polyvagal theory was first published in 1995 by Prof. Dr. Stephen W. Porges, who as a distinguished scientist at the Kinsey Institute (Indiana University) and as a professor of psychiatry at the University of North Carolina, is particularly interested in the influence of the autonomous nervous system on the regulation of affective states and social behavior. Please find here for more information on the well-founded study situation. 

Online training courses with Dr. Stephen W. Porges and Deb Dana on Polyvagal-Theory.

We have made it our task to make the knowledge of polyvagal-theory accessible to the public in terms of content and professional quality. You will find here all currently available online courses, which have been created by the international Polyvagal Institute by Dr. Stephen Porges and Deb Dana personally.

Polyvagal Theory

"We make the world better, by making people safer. I think this is missing. And that is really, what the polyvagal theory is about. "(When I say safe, what I really mean is that we have a place to go to that is safe.)"

Prof. Dr. Stephen Porges

Polyvagal theory enables us to understand the biological systems that form the basis for feeling safe and socially integrated. In particular, it explains the unconscious relationship between the autonomic nervous system and social behavior and thus helps us understand why healthy social behavior requires a regulated autonomic nervous system.

Prof. Dr. Porges has developed this theory and is the leading expert in this field. His polyvagal theory has been adopted by researchers, therapists, doctors and educators around the world and opens up new insights and the basis for the development of more effective therapeutic interventions.


Read a short introduction on these pages.

Founding of a non profit European Polyvagal-Society

The Chaja Foundation supports the work of Prof. S.W. Porges in the field of polyvagal theory (PVT) since 2017 in the USA and in Germany and would like to contribute to the establishment of a scientifically oriented professional society to support polyvagal theory. 

Since 2020, our first goal is to network the work of Prof. Dr. S.W. Porges in the German-speaking and European area within the framework of a professional society to be founded here in the German-speaking and European region. The work of the Polyvagal Institute will be the foundation and development of this non-profit professional society in order to provide competent support for the application in the areas of therapy, research and education. Until the final foundation of a professional Polyvagal-Society, we will support and develop this field of activity under the guidance and support of the Chaja-Foundation.

We feel committed to the work of Prof. Dr. Stephen Porges and the opportunities it presents. If you are interested in supporting the work of the Society, we would be pleased if you contacted us.

The potential of applying PVT is great and we are working to make this potential available to everyone in the areas of therapy, education, research and society.

Based on a common vision we would like to grow step by step towards being a professional society, which works on a non-profit basis and makes the results of the polyvagal theory available for application on a scientific level for a peaceful and healthy society.