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Our current projects

On our way to the foundation of a non-profit Polyvagal-Society, which in the future will work European in close cooperation with the Polyvagal-Institute USA, we will be offering and translating the important foundational courses of the Polyvagal Institute USA for you and announce them on our course page. The Courses will finance first the facilitation and emergence of various professional groups for the application of Polyvagal theory. To this end, we are currently networking on a European level with colleagues who have been working with Prof. Dr. Porges and Deb Dana and the principles of polyvagal theory for a long time. We are also working on the translation of this website into other European languages. The future main language will be English for better understanding across Europe.

Our team

We will be happy to introduce ourselves to you here soon.

Professional Standards 

For application in therapy, education and science, professional standards have been developed on the basis of Prof. Dr. S.W.Porges’s research. These standards are currently being formulated by the international society, the Polyvagal Institute in the USA and will soon be made available here as well.